Wunlang School Latrines Repaired

Latrines were installed at Wunlang School when it was first constructed. We learned recently, however, that the latrines were not being used by some students – namely the young girls – whose modesty kept them away. The latrines needed a privacy wall to enclose the entrance area.

When we heard of this barrier to use, we issued a grant to construct the privacy wall. Yel, our field manager in the village took it from there. The Wunlang School pit latrines have been repaired successfully, and he sent us these pictures.

The young man doing the work is Maluil Makuei Piol. Because of his experience helping with the construction process for the School and other work in the community, Maluil is now an independent mason and carpenter. He got his start working on our village construction projects. Yel says, “The school has a great positive impact to the community and Maluil is the first young boy mason in the history of Wunlang.”

Stories of success like this make us very proud, and we hope you will continue to support Village Help for South Sudan to enable villagers like Maluil undertake development projects and advance their own skills and future livelihoods.