Wunlang School going strong

Wunlang volleyballThis picture tells a story – in a sense the best story imaginable – for Wunlang School. The village of Wunlang is so remote and rural that few vehicles make it there, and the footpath-become-road is impassable during the seasonal rains. People live in traditional shelters called “tukuls” made from local materials. Until our grant support enabled the village to construct its primary school for boys and girls, no brick and mortar structure was there. Now Wunlang School students play volleyball in the school yard, and the school building happily co-exists with the surrounding village homes.

Teacher with school booksClassrooms have also changed dramatically from the makeshift spaces in the shadow of trees the village called their school before they built Wunlang School several years ago. Village Help for South Sudan has provided additional grants to the school since it opened in 2008 – for routine maintenance, school supplies, and uniforms. Wunlang elders and citizens have become strong advocates for their needs through other channels as well. One example: this teacher displays the books donated to the school by UKAID in their massive program for South Sudan’s schools earlier this year.

Students outside Wunlang SchoolWunlang School is well-constructed. The local builder, the village laborers, and the young man who became our Field Manager – they all did an outstanding job building this school. It needs a fresh coat of paint, however, and more uniforms are needed. Your donations will help us continue supporting Wunlang village and their school.