Wunlang Clinic gets medical supplies and midwife kits!

As previous posts have documented, our support enabled the villagers in Wunlang to build their own small health center.

Stocking Clinic Supplies

A local citizen has returned to the village after receiving training and working as a nurse for a large international humanitarian aid organization. The community has selected him to run the small clinic. Here our field manager assists him in stocking medical supplies at the Wunlang Clinic.

When the program is fully implemented, patients will pay small fees for treatment to help sustain operations.

Midwife Kits

Midwife kits donated from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Arlington have also arrived in Wunlang. Here they are shown in bags after the original boxes were damaged in transit, and they had to be re-packaged in Juba. The kits are now in storage at the clinic and will be distributed as needed to delivering moms and their newborns.

Midwife Kits in Dispensary

Midwife kits are shelved with other supplies and medicines in the Wunlang Clinic dispensary.

Midwife Kit Training

Angong, our Program Coordinator and an experienced health worker, will provide training to the women of Wunlang to ensure the kits are used effectively. This is a picture of the the training session for the last shipment from St. Paul’s.