Wunlang Clinic – April 2013 Report


As soon as the villagers of Wunlang built their school and clinic – with grant and management support from Village Help for South Sudan – the facilities have been used steadily for local operations as well as other groups and organizations that need a central, secure location for their programs. We were not surprised, therefore, but indeed delighted to hear this week that the clinic is now the base of operations for an organization distributing mosquito nets to the village of Wunlang and the vast remote area around it. All 12 “bomas” (villages) in Wunlang Payam (county sub-division), will reduce their malaria rates by using mosquito nets distributed from Wunlang Clinic!


Although Wunlang is a remote rural village in South Sudan, it is at the center of a vast area of long-time residents as well as thousands of returnees – people who fled their homes many years ago to escape the war who are now returning to take up residence once again in their homeland now mostly at peace as an independent country.


Statistics showing illnesses people are suffering from that bring them to a clinic are sad, but we are grateful that our grant support has enabled the clinic to provide the treatments for the month of April shown in this report to the Ministry of Health.

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