Welcome, Malual-Chum Village Project

We are absolutely delighted to introduce our newest project and its managers — Malual-Chum Village Project and the husband-and-wife project managers Peter Manyang Malang and Abuk Mathiang Madut.   Manyang came to America as one of the Lost Boys of Sudan and (as Jacob Makur) attended Arlington, MA, High School. When he became an American citizen, he went back to his village, in Warrap State, north of Tonj, for the first time in 18 years. He met Abuk at the village-wide party in his honor. Abuk arrived in America through the fiancee visa program, and they were married in Arlington. Manyang and Abuk live in Arlington with their five kids — twins Achan and Ngor, the little girls Achol and Apeu, and baby boy Aru. Manyang works at the Arlington Trader Joe’s, Abuk is taking English classes, and the kids are well-known around town through school, pre-school, church, sports, and summer programs.   In May and June of 2012 Manyang traveled back to South Sudan and shot this video of the wells in his village. As you can see, the hand-dug, open-pit holes are dancing with insects (“Snakes, too,” Achan remembers from her years in South Sudan). Manyang’s mother gets guinea worm every year — she just suffers through it, as there is no nearby clinic — because to dirty water. Stomach problems, worms, and diarrhea are common. Manyang came back determined that he and Abuk should do something for their village.
Like all our other projects, Malual-Chum Village Project is beginning with a well — drilled, with a hand pump, so clean water is available. If you need a presentation on Manyang and Abuk’s efforts, feel free to e-mail them at manyangmalang@aol.com or abukmadut@aol.com. Watch for fundraising events, too. Of course, you’re welcome to get this project going now by donating on-line (the process lets you designate donation to this project) or through the mail. Send your check to: Village Help for South Sudan, Inc. P. O. Box 8067 Lynn, MA 01904 and mark the memo line Malual-Chum Village Project.