The nurses are in!

At a village meeting under the trees, director Ron Moulton announced to the chiefs, elders, midwives, and all those attending that Wunlang Health Clinic had just hired two nurses and a registrar. It’s noLisa's trip January 2013 047w a Primary Health Care Unit, the first tier in health care in South Sudan.

 Santino Mayen is one of the two new nurses at Wunlang Clinic. He received his training from and worked for the non-profit organization Tearfund. At our meeting with him and the Wunlang leaders he showed us his medical-supply order, ranging from antibiotics and anti-malarials tLisa's trip January 2013 046o vinyl gloves.

Ron presented Santino with a blood-pressure cuff that a family member no longer needed. We are very happy that our clinic is so well staffed.

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