Growing season


It’s been a while since we’ve posted! Communications to the remote parts of South Sudan where we work have not improved a lot; it’s difficult to get photos out. But executive director Franco Majok just returned from a visit and brought some great ones. The stateside directors of Village Help for South Sudan don’t travel over constantly. Our budget goes to our programs. We also want to promote the model of self-sufficiency: we give the grants and start a project rolling. We train community leaders and teach them how to be accountable. And we get results like this:
sorghum rhumathoi summer 2014

A thriving stand of sorghum in the fields that we last saw were marked out for agricultural plots at the Rhumathoi Community Center, with community leaders meeting in the shade.

sorghum 03 rhumathoi summer 2014

Our guest house surrounded by crops.

gardening rhumathoi 02 summer 20134

Akot, the center’s caretaker, working in the newly established peanut field.

charging cell phones rhumathoi summer 2014 - Copy

A cell-phone charging station. Income from charging villagers’ cell phones and from selling crops goes toward funding community center programs.

charger hookup rhumathoi summer 2014

The charging station setup. Solar power is stored in the big black batteries. Ron will blog in more technical detail.

no entrance community center rhumathoi summer 2014

“No entrance * Danger” With the power of electricity just coming to Rhumathoi, the center wants to keep people safe.

deng madhieu manager rhumathoi summer 2014

Deng Madhieu, our new community-center manager. Yel, our former manager, is going to school in Grenada!

accounting 05

Deng is faithfully keeping accounts of the center’s income and expenses. When we train our managers in this kind of record-keeping, the skill can be passed on to others, creating sound business practices throughout the region.

sorghum 02 rhumathoi summer 2014

More and more internally-displaced persons are arriving in Aweil County East as the conflicts in South Sudan continue to drag on. We are glad to provide an oasis of teaching and learning.