Solar solutions for South Sudan

Mou wires a solar generating station

Mou prepares the combiner box where wires from the solar panels will be connected to the two main wires entering the solar charging components inside Thiou School.

Mou Riiny, who came to the U.S. several years ago as a refugee from the long civil war in Sudan, is now back in South Sudan where he is starting his own solar energy company to deliver electricity to rural villages like Thiou, the one he fled as a child to escape the violence and destruction.

A recent graduate in Electrical Engineering from the University of San Diego, Mou has already installed solar power for a village school and is now starting other rural electrification projects.

In a program at our multipurpose community center in Rhumathoi, he will train solar entrepreneurs who will create small business enterprises that are sustainable in the rural economy. Solar electricity will replace polluting sources of lights currently used and power small electrical devices such as cell phones.

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