Solar Equipment Arrives in Thiou Village!

Mou Riiny sent us a very exciting message about the arrival of the equipment to Thiou Village for the solar installation – conceived and supported by friends at University of San Diego:

“Hello family, friends, and supporters of the USD solar power project,

“I would like to inform you of the great milestone in our quest to bring solar power to the Thiou Village School in South Sudan. I received the container two days ago and I, along with many villagers, were busy all day yesterday emptying the container of all the materials and of course, the most exciting part – taking the 40 foot container out of the 22 wheeler truck without a crane! I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

“The village, and very soon the whole region, is filled with excitement that I cannot capture in words. The site of the container was quite the scene yesterday, and now that the word has gone out about the arrival of electricity in Thiou village, it has quickly become one great tourist attraction.

“With this milestone checked, we can surely say that we are 90 percent of the way to completing the project. I am planning on doing most of the preliminary installation before Emmett and Mike join me sometime in late December or early January to complete it all.

“Many thanks to all your support and enjoy the pictures, Mou”

The photos Mou sent are available on the USD website with Mou’s captions narrating the exciting milestone day in this remote village in South Sudan.