Our Projects

The Wunlang School was constructed and furnished in 2008. Between 600 and 800 boys and girls attend classes, and the facility is used for women’s literacy training when the regular classes are through for the day.
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In Thiou, children are writing their letters in the dust. The teachers are teenagers whose parents can afford to send them to boarding school. On their school holidays, these students are returning to their villages to teach what they know.
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This center will answer many of the needs of the Wunlang community by providing adult education, vocational training, agricultural training and support, health-care training, and the empowerment of women and girls.
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Village Help for South Sudan has sponsored the construction of a small village health center in Wunlang. We are now assisting the clinic and staff with community health programs, starting with support for the village’s traditional birth attendants.
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