Mou Riiny to present at IEEE’s GHTC

Mou Riiny

Mou Riiny, our Project Manager and Electrical Engineer, will present “South Sudan Rural Electrification Project” at IEEE’s 2013 Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) in San Jose, California, in October. Mou’s presentation will be an informal overview of his solar electricity project and early results from the field pilot test sites. Here is a link to his abstract.

The mission of Village Help for South Sudan is to support South Sudanese rural villagers in a variety of ways, and we devote nearly 100% of our budgets to enable local village groups to do their own development work. We enable villagers and former refugees like Mou to undertake projects and start businesses to employ South Sudanese to deliver goods and services needed by the local communities.

Mou’s start-up enterprise, SunGate Solar, provides poor villagers with electricity they can afford. As SunGate scales over the next few years, many rural South Sudanese will be the direct beneficiaries of the electricity delivered as well as the training and jobs created to grow and sustain the business.

IEEE is an important partner for SunGate Solar and our rural electrification program in South Sudan. Our pilot project tests an innovative model developed by their Community Solutions Initiative and initially deployed in Haiti. Attending the GHTC will be mutually beneficial as Mou learns about other science, engineering and technology solutions for disadvantaged communities and represents the needs and realities of deploying sustainable solutions in South Sudan.