More progress reported from Thiou!

Mou Riiny graduated from University of San Diego just a few months ago. He traveled to South Sudan at the end of December, and he has been serving as our Field Manager for the construction of the Thiou Freedom School in his home village of Thiou. This picture of Mou was taken in February, and since then he and his team of local laborers from Thiou have made great progress constructing the school. Although Internet and phone service are spotty or non-existent in the rural areas where Thiou is located, Mou travels to the town of Wau quite frequently to purchase construction materials and to communicate on the progress of the Thiou School project. As you can see from these pictures, the progress is outstanding. Once again the work of the local people – and Mou’s leadership – exceed our expectations! The project uses local South Sudanese builders, trained from prior work and now running their own business! Thick walls of locally-made bricks surround the four classrooms of Thiou Freedom School. The walls go up! The project employs all local labor from the village of Thiou and the region as we deliver education and opportunity to this part of rural South Sudan. Thank you, Mou, for giving back to your native homeland with such hard work and great progress.