Midwife Kits have arrived in Juba!

Our friends at St. Paul Lutheran Church have supported Wunlang village in South Sudan for several years, starting with our Wunlang School project. Last year St. Paul’s coordinated fundraising and assembly for midwife kits for the Wunlang Health Center.

We are all happy to hear the news of the arrival of midwife kits (shipped several months ago) in Juba. Our Field Manager, Yel Maduok, is coordinating delivery of the kits to the women of Wunlang to help support safe deliveries and care for newborns.
Wunlang’s Traditional Birth Attendants have spoken passionately about the importance of the midwife kits and their appreciation for this gift.

A midwife kit includes a sheet, receiving blanket, towel, washcloth, soap, latex gloves, razor blade, and twine. The materials were laid out on tables for assembly. This year’s fundraiser generated 400 kits.

Each kit was sealed in a plastic bag, and the bags were boxed for shipping – by ocean and ground transportation – for their long journey to Wunlang.

When the shipment finally reaches Wunlang, our Program Coordinator, Angong Athian, will lead another workshop for the TBAs to learn about the midwife kits and their generous and compassionate friends at St. Paul’s.