Looking back, looking forward on World Water Day

On World Water Day, it gives us some satisfaction to look back at our Pinterest board on our wells in South Sudan to see all we’ve accomplished. But there’s still so much to do. Some efforts haven’t worked out: we tried to affiliate with water.org, but Matt Damon’s group doesn’t work in South Sudan. And our wish list continues. We still need additional funding to complete the well at Malual-Chum; we’re still looking for affordable drillers for wells at our community center and clinic. Water is particularly time-critical for our community center, because our agricultural test plots will need irrigation, and the time to begin cultivation is soon.

But looking back in our archives, we found the photo of a boy drinking a bucket of muddy water that the people of Machartit could get only by lowering children into a pit. But not many weeks later, we had secured funding for a drill rig, and the jerrycans were lined up to collect the clean drinking water.

You, our donors, large and small, have made this happen. We’ll keep making this happen as we continue to work to bring education and opportunity, including the opportunity for health and well-being with a cool cup of water, in South Sudan.