Hungry for knowledge and for food

Franco Majok, our executive director, has sent a comprehensive report about Wunlang School, our very first project in 2008. There’s lots of talk about. The first one is hunger. “The hunger is alarming,” Franco reports. “People are eating leaves.” And yet, there are 750 students at Wunlang School, as its reputation grows and parents enroll their children in what is now the best school in Aweil East. Students are doing very well in the eight-grade leaving exams. “Our girls were leading,” Franco writes. The school also has two female teachers, one herself a graduate of Wunlang School.

Some of the 750 students enrolled in Wunlang School.

Franco brought money so students will get one meal a week at school, and teachers (mostly unpaid volunteers, mostly graduates of Wunlang itself) will get five meals a week. Our little non-profit doesn’t have the resources to provide emergency food relief. The United Nations World Food Programme does, and it has rapid response teams deploying throughout South Sudan. But no team has come to Wunlang. Village Help for South Sudan’s board of directors is sending a letter to WPF in South Sudan, expressing our dismay that no help has arrived yet. We are hoping food relief arrives soon, and that with full bellies our students can satisfy their hunger for learning.

We will keep advocating for the Wunlang students.