Get your T-shirts here! Support clean water in South Sudan!

Support clean water in South Sudan! Get your Malual-Chum T-shirt on Ebay.

At our Town Day booth you saw the cool T-shirts Manyang and his friends were wearing; they were for sale at the booth, too. Now they’re for sale on EBay!

We offer adult sizes L-XS (the tag says Youth Large, but our supplier assures us that Youth Large and Adult Extra-Small are the same size).

If you’ve never used EBay, it’s easy. Our shirts are in the “buy-it-now” category, so it’s very much like shopping on-line at other web sites. EBay takes Paypal. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Paypal account; you can enter your credit- or debit-card information there. We’re offering free shipping and Priority Mail shipping.

Our shirts were designed by Manyang ‘s almost-teenage daughter and printed by the good folks at Rocket Science Screen Printing.All the proceeds from our EBay sales will go to Malual-Chum project. With a T-shirt sale your support will go even further when people ask you about how to provide clean water in South Sudan.