Wunlang 1, Yargot 0! Go, Wunlang!

There’s a lot of talk in the NGO world about a community taking ownership of a project. This happens all the time in Wunlang. Assistant field manager Deng Chier organized the group that slashed a path for the truck to deliver the construction materials that became Wunlang School. Once Wunlang had school buildings, headmaster Angelo Akot went to UNICEF on his own and acquired textbooks. And now, suddenly, we have school sports scores to report. The Wunlang School now has a soccer (or football, or kuro) team and, in a home game, defeated Yargot 1-0. Yargot (also from Aweil County East, near Akuem) is in blue, Wunlang in assorted colors. Our team meets with the referee. It appears the two upright sticks on the far left of this photo form one of the goals. The school to the left, traditional houses to the right, a big crowd in front. And yes, we have noticed that the Wunlang team does not have enough shoes to go around. Our first impulse is to scoop up all the old soccer cleats we have around here and send them over. But there’s the question of sizes and the cost of shipping them to Wunlang. Any leads on corporate sponsorship appreciated. If you’d like to sponsor a pair of shoes, we’re figuring buying the shoes in Aweil and getting them to Wunlang would run about $25 a pair. W-U-N-L-A-N-G! Wunlang!