We provide development program management and coordinate village mobilization to enable villagers to do their own development work. Our projects deliver water, schools, teacher and student support, economic opportunity, appropriate technology, and sanitation solutions to under-served communities in South Sudan

Latest news about our projects ...

SunGate Solar Project

  • SunGate Solar
    SunGate Solar Village Help for South Sudan is supporting the start-up of SunGate Solar, a social enterprise that will provide solar electricity, energy business solutions, and training to rural South Sudan. Mou Riiny, our Project Manager for this initiative, will be SunGate’s… Read More

Wunlang School

  • Teach Your Children Well
    Franco brought back these pictures of Wunlang students taking their finals at the end of their term last year.                             In the current strife, our schools are… Read More

Thiou Village

  • Solar solutions for South Sudan
    Mou wires a solar generating station Mou Riiny, who came to the U.S. several years ago as a refugee from the long civil war in Sudan, is now back in South Sudan where he is starting his own solar energy company to deliver electricity to rural… Read More

Wunlang Community
Center Project

  • Way To Go, Angelina!
    womens-literacy-exercise-book-check Ron’s been doing most of the blogging these days, and I couldn’t help but notice the same woman in one of his posts as in one my earlier ones. That’s Angelina on the left, holding her baby. She was one… Read More

Wunlang Health
Clinic Project

  • Wunlang PHCC news
    Yel delivers supplies Yel Maduok, our Wunlang area Field Manager, has been busy for several weeks overseeing the initial operations at the Wunlang Primary Health Care Center (PHCC). Here he helps deliver medical supplies to the clinic. Others in the village deliver supplies… Read More

Village Project

  • Dancing for clean water
    Abuk dancing 05 We had a wonderful time at the fundraiser organized by Trinity Baptist Church for Malual-Chum Project. There were so many highlights, including the traditional South Sudanese dancing headed up by our project manager Abuk Madut. That’s Abuk in the center… Read More

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Please consider donating to Village Help for South Sudan. Your donation will be used to provide ongoing support, supplies, training, and technology to create a sustainable community.

Work of VHSS

Below is a video which demostrates the need for clean water for the villagers. This can only happen through your continued support

Mou Riiny introduces SunGate, his new social enterprise to bring renewable solar electricity to rural South Sudan villages.